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1 dashboard to manage your entire video platform

Under the name People’s Playground, we helped national broadcasters and media companies (brands such as NPO, SBS and Telegraaf) for 8 years with technical projects. We discovered during that period that it was very complicated to set up a video platform.

In 2017, we therefore decided to find a way to resolve this “technical frustration” ourselves. When you start a video platform, you obviously don't want to be too busy with technical hassle. At the beginning of 2018 we launched the first version of the AudiencePlayer video platform software.

It has since been our mission that you set up and manage a complete video platform (website, native mobile apps and smart TV apps) in the simplest way. That is why we are continuously working on refining the AudiencePlayer video platform software. While you focus on the production of your content and boosting your video platform, we arrange all technology. Because we are only successful if you are successful.

AudiencePlayer is a revolution! Companies all over the world are now able to start, maintain and expand their own video platform.

Marja Olff

No expensive developer or designers needed!

The AudiencePlayer Content module ensures that you can set up all pages within your website and apps yourself. All important elements are present to give your video platform a unique look. The flexible design of our software takes into account that you can expand your video platform to other screens in no time.

Not all features are relevant for every screen. For example, you only want to send push notifications if consumers use your mobile app. That is why we have made it possible for you to determine what is shown per screen.

Unique features with which you set up a video platform

Upload videos

Upload easily and we automatically prepare 6 different resolutions for all screens

Meta data

Create titles, headlines, content, images, links and other meta data

SEO settings

Fill separate SEO fields with keywords, titles and descriptions for Google

News and blog items

Complete your video platform with blogs and keep your fans informed of your activities

SSL and hosting

Worry-free, super fast hosting including back-ups and free SSL certificate for your website (https)


Our so-called "elastic search" filter ensures that your fans can search easily

Landing pages

Simple landing pages can be created in seconds (including images, call to actions buttons and more)

Multi language

All texts can be easily translated via a language field (Dutch, English, etc.)


Give all types of recommended such as popular videos, trending items and related videos


Divide your library of videos into categories and subcategories


Users can add and remove favourite videos to their personal environment

Continue watching

The "nomadic watching" feature ensures that viewers can look further on any device


Upload your "WebVTT" file and add subtitles to your videos

Geo restriction & DRM

Videos are streamed encrypted (DRM) automatically, indicate which country fans are allowed to watch


Connect online services to your video platform (incl. MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and WordPress)


Let your fans stream your videos from their mobile to the TV screen

Live streaming

Start the live stream (RTMP) and let your users enjoy live training, events and more


Create all kinds of vouchers and give your video platform a boost (discounts, free trial period)


View all kinds of statistics, such as viewing behaviour, top videos, subscribers and much more

Streaming worldwide

Stream your videos to the entire world so that you can reach as many viewers as possible


Let your viewers pay with credit card, iDeal or other popular ways

Earn thousands of euro's per month?

Discover the power of our video platform software in practice.