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TVOD platform, subscriptions or credits? Create your own revenue model

To increase your online video revenue, it is important that you use an appropriate revenue model. With platforms such as YouTube you are stuck with standard models. This makes it difficult to make more money with online video. While every target group and every type of video content requires a different revenue model.

We have all the tools ready for you to increase your commercial succes. Consider, for example, monthly subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD and EST), renting out videos for a period of your choice, sell credits and much more.

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Effective revenue models with AudiencePlayer

The AudiencePlayer Monetization module ensures that you can set up your own revenue model. All important elements are present to get more revenue from your videos. The flexible design of our software takes into account that your users can make a payment or view an advertisement on all devices.
Revenue model video streaming business
Consumers do not have to drop out during the payment procedure. That is why we have set up the payment flow for optimum conversion. Consumers can pay by credit card, iDeal or other popular ways.
Video platform SVOD service


Generate monthly revenue with subscriptions
TVOD video streaming platform


Sell videos per item or per series
Sell films online


Rent videos for a period of your choice
Discount promotion video platform


Set all kinds of different discounts, such as 3 for the price of 2 or watch 1 month for free
Streaming video iDeal Mastercard Creditcard SVOD TVOD


Offer the most popular payments methods (credit card, iDeal etc.)
Video platform vouchers SVOD TVOD


Use vouchers to attract more visitors (discounts, free trial period)
Loyalty credits video platform


Let users buy and exchange credits for videos
AVOD revenue model OTT video platform


Publish ads in your videos or connect with an SSP party
In app purchases native mobile app video streaming

In app purchases

Sell videos via mobile apps (Apple or Google Play)
KPN Ziggo TV app Metrological video platform

Set top box apps

Launch your video platform on set top boxes of (inter)national operators
Reporting tool analytics video OTT platform

Revenue statistics

View all kinds of statistics and get deep insights into your monthly revenue
User authentication SVOD TVOD FreeVOD

Free account

Give users free access to your video platform and convert this group of leads into customers

Do you want to make more money with your online videos?

Our customers make more than € 5k per month on average!

Revenue modell video streaming OTT SVOD TVOD AVOD Video on Demand