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"Any business must be able to start a video streaming service in an affordable way"

Our story

Online “life” is boasting with Netflix, Masterclass, etc. A new reality and market opportunity arises. Needless to say, there is a rapidly growing number of small and medium-sized companies that want to start an online video streaming business. 

We believe that any business or entrepreneur worldwide should be able to start a video streaming business in an affordable way.

Our mission is to enable small and medium businesses without technical knowledge to start their own video streaming business and generate revenue. Easy and affordable.

While our customers focus on the production of content and the marketing of their video service, we take care of all technology. Because we are only successful when our customers are successful.

Management Team

Founder AudiencePlayer Doron Nethe

Doron Nethe

Business Development

Founder AudiencePlayer Ammar Tijani

Ammar Tijani

Product Development

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Super platform and guidance!
Mieneke Zijlmans - Founder Smart Yoga
Mieneke Zijlmans founder SmartYoga
Ms. Nameless
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Our revenue is growing!
Marieke Muselaers - CEO Lumiére
CEO Lumiere Marieke Muselaers
Ms. Nameless
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AudiencePlayer is a revolution!
Marja Olff - CEO BusinessTV
CEO BusinessTV Marja Olff
Ms. Nameless
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