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A video streaming website is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.

The smallest details make the difference between a loss-making and a profitable video platform. Landing pages or conversion pages (on which you encourage visitors to take one specific action) play a key role in this.

Based on our many years of experience and the feedback from our customers and hundreds of consumers, we have put together a ready-made website template with components and elements in AudiencePlayer Pages.

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What particularly touched me in the collaboration is the "commitment" and passion that can be felt by the team.


Effective landing pages with AudiencePlayer pages!

In our content management environment you have access to all kinds of components and elements necessary for super powerful landing pages. You can click them together like Lego blocks and build your own website, mobile apps and TV apps. Think of homepages, video carousels, video detail pages,  text pages, pricing pages, call to action buttons, register pages and so on. Your video streaming website and apps come to life on your screen before your eyes.

Landing pages online video streaming website AudiencePlayer

With these unique features you click your video streaming website and apps together

video playlists

Video playlists

Your own Netflix or YouTube; Create a beautiful video experience
Conversion landing pages


Ready-made templates and elements that are constantly being adapted and improved
Higher conversion video platform

Top position in Google

SEO fields with which you score in Google, keywords, titles, descriptions and so on

Blog Vlog video website

News and blog items

Complete your video platform with blogs and keep your fans informed of your activities
video header

Video header

The latest trend in design, easily add video headers to your pages
Film archive online Netflix


Let fans easily search for videos with the so-called "elastic search" element


Let visitors discover videos by clicking on filters
call to action buttons


Encourage visitors to take action and get results quickly with call-to-action buttons


Inform visitors about the latest news and campaigns with a news carousel


Create your own pricing tables and convert leads into customers

Registration form

Let visitors easily register and pay for your videos
op-in fields

Opt-in fields

Grow your mailing list with our opt-in newsletter element

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