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Marketing tools for more online video revenue

Do you want to get more leads and customers from your video platform?

Use our smart data and effective marketing tools to increase your online video revenue.

All data from visitors and users is stored in the AudiencePlayer video platform software. You can use this data to set up automatic marketing funnels, so that you can direct the attention of your target group.

Unique features that increase your sales

Push notifications video streaming mobile app

Push notifications

Get your messages ready in the AudiencePlayer video platform software and connect with your fans in a powerful way by sending personal messages to mobile phones.
E-mail marketing automation video streaming platform

Email templates

With the so-called "E-mail templates" module, we have ensured that you quickly and easily create standard e-mails that your users automatically receive.

MailChimp ActiveCampaign video platform streaming OTT

MailChimp & ActiveCampaign

The AudiencePlayer video platform software is standard connected with the CRM services MailChimp and ActiveCampaign. You can set up automated marketing campaigns in no time.
Google Tag Manager video streaming platform VOD

Google Tag Manager

By default we pass on real-time user data to Google Tag Manager so that you can track and manage conversions from Google Ads.

SMS campaigns video platform


Develop your own sms campaign and send periodic messages to your users' mobile phones. This way you reach your target group even more specifically.
Google Analytics Statistics top video streaming platform


Our Statistics module help you to optimize your marketing campaigns. Our platform is  standard connected with Google Analytics as well. 
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They offer a flexible solution with a large range of functionalities

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