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The online video platform for video creators, organizations and entrepreneurs

With AudiencePlayer's online video platform (OVP), you can easily manage video files and publish them online.

You decide whether you want to stream (worldwide) publicly or in a private and secure way.

The system automatically encodes your videos after uploading so that your audience can watch in high quality on any screen and device.

Enrich your video with screenshots, subtitles and various audio files.

The dashboard shows the most important data, so that you experience how your streaming business is running at a glance.

CEO BusinessTV Marja Olff

AudiencePlayer is a revolution! Companies all over the world are now able to start, manage and expand their own video platform.

Marja Olff
Start your own video platform on any device

Unique features with which you set up a video platform

Video player

Upload videos

Simply upload 1 video or in bulk and stream to all screens and devices in high quality
Audio files AudiencePlayer


Add different audio files to your video and they will automatically be visible in the player
Geo restriction with AudiencePlayer

Geo restriction

Indicate in which regions your audience is allowed to watch your videos

Streaming worldwide

Stream to all regions of the world via the content delivery network


Upload subtitles and add different languages to your videos


Stream videos encrypted and prevent illegal downloads and screen capturing


Cast videos from your website or mobile to the TV screen


View all kinds of statistics, such as viewing behavior and the top 10 most viewed videos
Streaming video service like Netflix

Continue watching

The "nomadic watching" feature ensures that the player remembers where you left off watching
Video hosting AudiencePlayer


Lightning-fast hosting for your entire media library
Embed video player AudiencePlayer

Video player embed

Copy the embed code and put the player on your website in 5 seconds
Create WordPress video website


Integrate the video player within your own website and apps
share video files with AudiencePlayer

Share video files

Share your video file with your team or partners at the touch of a button
Screenshots video player


Add screenshots to your video and control which image you see in the player before the video plays
Publication video

Publication window

Specify to the second when a video is allowed to be published and viewed

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