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A video streaming website is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.

The smallest details nowadays make the difference between a losing and a profitable website.

Sales pages on which you encourage visitors to take one specific action play a key role in this.

All the lessons we have learned from successful customers have been incorporated into ready-made building blocks with which you can easily make your video service.

Think of a home page, text page with video carousels, pricing page with subscriptions, blogs, call to action buttons, registration form, etc.

Your video streaming website comes to life on your screen before your very eyes.

AudiencePlayer website builder

With these unique building blocks you make your video streaming website in no time

video playlists

Video carousels 

Create video carousels based on your chosen topics
Conversion landing pages


Ready-to-use building blocks that are constantly being adjusted and improved for more revenue
video header

Video header

The latest trend in design, easily add video headers to your pages

Single video page AudiencePlayer

Video page

Provide users with information about your video with texts, links and (downloadable) documents
Video series with AudiencePlayer

Video series

Publish a series of videos by category or topic
Connect Social Media AudiencePlayer

Social media sharing

Add social media icons to a video page so that users can share the video with their network

Blog Vlog video website

Blog overview

Create a clear overview of your blogs and sort by topic

Pricing page

Create your own pricing tables and convert leads into customers


Create search filters based on categories and subcategories
call to action buttons


Encourage visitors to take action and get results with call-to-action buttons


Inform visitors about the latest news and promotions with a news carousel


Let fans easily search for videos through the so-called "elastic search" magnifying glass
Recommendation engine AudiencePlayer


Recommend videos manually or automatically after a viewer has watched a video

SSL and hosting

Carefree, lightning-fast hosting including a free SSL certificate for your website


Favorite videos and give them a place in your personal user environment
Meta data video AudiencePlayer

Meta data

Enrich your video pages with meta data based on important keywords or topics

Multi language

Publish your website in different languages
User account AudiencePlayer

User account

Each user has his own environment in which he can manage his own account

Menu AudiencePlayer


Put your menu together easily and decide for yourself what you want to show and the order
Footer AudiencePlayer


Create a footer including links to your social media accounts
Branding and styling AudiencePlayer

Branding & Styling

Incorporate your look and feel into the website with your logo, favicon, font and main colour


Registration form

Create a registration form that makes it easy for visitors to sign up
op-in fields


Grow your mailing list with our opt-in newsletter element
Higher conversion video platform

Top position in Google

SEO fields with which you score in Google, such as keywords, titles and meta descriptions

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