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OTT platform for movie distributors

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When the corona crisis started and the cinemas had to close their doors, we wanted to offer our subscribers a number of films online. Thanks to AudiencePlayer and their fantastic team, we were able to get started in no time. We could never have done that otherwise!
Thomas Hosman - CEO Cineville
OTT video streaming platform solution on any device for film distributors

Launch your website and expand to other platforms

We have already prepared all the features that consumers expect from a streaming service (such as Netflix) in the website template. And the great thing is... we set up your website template for free. After that you can get started with filling the website with your (movie) content.

And do you want to expand to other platforms? No problem ;-) We have developed templates that allow you to set up and manage your own mobile apps and (even) TV apps.

We have built unique features for each type of template, such as the download-to-go feature for mobile app users who also want to watch their favorite movie or series while on vacation.

You can manage both the website and all apps from the management environment. With this you monitor your entire streaming service from 1 central environment.

  • Website
  • Native mobile apps
  • Google Chromecast & Apple AirPlay
  • Smart TV apps
Upload movies with AudiencePlayer

Upload movies, series, artwork, subtitles and audio tracks

In the management environment you upload MP4 video files in the Asset section. During the upload process, the source file is encoded in 5 different resolutions so that you always stream in high quality. For example, Full HD quality is automatically streamed to a TV and normal SD quality to a smartphone with a smaller screen.

The different video resolutions (including the original source file) can be downloaded directly from the management environment. It is also possible to share a download link with other users.

If you want to offer a film in different languages, that's no problem. Multiple subtitle files can be uploaded in a so-called "WEBVTT" format and linked to a video. Also it is possible to add multiple audio tracks to your video file.

By the way, during the upload process AudiencePlayer creates automatically several screenshots of the video file that can be used as a screenshot in a video thumbnail. However you can also upload a screenshot yourself.

DRM encryption with AudiencePlayer

Prevent illegal downloading by users

DRM (Digital Rights Management) or video encryption is often required by major movie studios. Video encryption adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for users to illegally download your videos.

AudiencePlayer implements four different security techniques by default, which are applied via "encryption in transit". This means that protection is not applied until a user plays a video. The big advantage of this is that multiple security techniques are offered for the same video item. It is therefore not necessary to store a separate video item for each security technique (which saves a lot of storage costs).

The four security techniques that we apply to videos as standard are:

  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • Google Widevine
  • AES encryption
  • FairPlay encryption  
monetization video streaming with AudiencePlayer

Create your revenue model and increase your profit with vouchers

With AudiencePlayer you set up your own revenue model. In the management environment you create the different models in the Monetization section. You can opt for a single revenue model or a combination of different revenue models. Consider, for example, subscriptions in combination with pay-per-view.

We have ensured that consumers can make a purchase with the most well-known payment methods (e.g. iDeal, credit card, Paypal etc.)

The Voucher section contains features that allow you to set up different types of promotions or discounts. Think of gift cards, vouchers, discount coupons etc.

The standard payment models that you can activate are:

  • Subscriptions (SVOD)
  • Pay-per-view (TVOD)
  • Pay-per-serie
  • Electronic sell through (EST)
  • Rentals 
  • Credits
Movie streaming platform with AudiencePlayer

Create your own movie page and trigger consumers to watch

In the management environment you build your own movie pages in the Article section. Ultimately, a movie page has to convince consumers to click on the play button and start watching your movie. It is of course also the intention that consumers regularly watch a film or series via your streaming service and remain a customer for as long as possible.

To ensure this, we have set up all kinds of different triggers and elements that you can manage in the Article section.

Examples of this are:

  • Ribbons (diagonal ribbon on a video thumbnail on which you can place texts such as "new" or "popular").
  • trailer buttons
  • Recommendations (set manually or automated)
  • Background posters
  • Social media icons that allow you to share movie pages via social media
  • Meta data with unique fields
OTT video streaming platform solution - SEO features

Optimize your video platform for Google

To ensure that your movie pages are found well by the Google search engine, we have incorporated all important Google requirements in AudiencePlayer.

We also link your AudiencePlayer environment with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This gives you deeper insights into the online behavior of your visitors and allows you to properly monitor online advertising campaigns.

  • Keywords, titles, meta description, URL slug
  • WYSIFYG text editor (headings H1, H2 etc.)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
dashboard AudiencePlayer videoplatform

Data that enables smart business decisions

Without data you are completely in the dark. That is why we have developed a dashboard in which the most important data is collected so that you can make better and more effective decisions about your streaming business.

It is also important that you can inform suppliers or rights holders of the films about how often a film has been viewed or purchased. This allows you to make commercial agreements.

Examples of data that you can view are:

  • Number of paying users
  • Number of videos published
  • Number of videos viewed
  • Revenue per month
  • Viewing time per device or platform
  • Top 10 most viewed videos
We have chosen AudiencePlayer to develop a streaming platform for the film collection of Eye Filmmuseum. They offer a flexible solution with a wide range of functionalities, so that we can offer our audience a pleasant user experience and let them enjoy the most beautiful films from our museum collection.
Irene Haan - Eye Filmmuseum 

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