AP Embed

The plug and play embed feature

Especially for video makers with 1 or a few videos we have created an easy-to-use embed feature.

The embed feature enables you to sell your videos on your existing website.

In just a few steps you can place your video behind a paywall.

1. Upload your video

Select your mp4 file and start uploading
Shopping basket AudiencePlayer

2. Create a product

Create a rental product for which you want to sell the video

Audio files AudiencePlayer

3. Copy and paste

Copy the embed code that is automatically generated

View AP Embed

To give you an idea of how the AP Embed feature works, we have created a page with an example of the embedded video player.

Even more benefits

You can set the size of your embed player by changing the default height and width fields.

You can also select an optional partner channel.

When a user purchases your product via the embed player, their payment order will be labeled with a tag.

This allows you to know exactly from which website your product was purchased.


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