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If you're an online entrepreneur, you've probably heard of WordPress. This is the most used web system worldwide. 

In recent years, we have often been asked whether it is possible to integrate popular video features from AudiencePlayer into an existing WordPress website.

To meet this specific demand, we have built a WordPress plugin with which users can embed different features within WordPress pages and synchronise automatically users between WordPress and the AudiencePlayer video platform.  

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To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have created a basic presentation of all the features on a WordPress website.  

Integrate popular video features into your own WordPress website

With our WordPress plugin you can integrate various powerful video features from AudiencePlayer within your own website. You can adjust all elements yourself based on your own look and feel wishes.

WordPress plugin video streaming AudiencePlayer
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With these unique features you integrate all benefits from AudiencePlayer in your own WordPress video streaming website

video playlists

Video playlists

Your own custom video library in your WordPress website


Subscription element with purchase buttons and room for product details

wordpress video carousel

Video carousel

Video carousel with scroll functionality

wordpress video play button

Play button

Play button that allows a user to open a video player overlay
WordPress video player embed

Video player embed

Embed the AudiencePlayer video player with popular functionality like subtitles, multi audio etc. 
wordpress video detail page

Video landing page

Landing page with room for call to action buttons, meta data, images, texts etc.
wordpress device pairing

Device pairing

Device pairing feature to connect smart tv apps
call to action buttons


Purchase button to sell or rent videos

wordpress user account

User accounts

User account fields with detailed information 

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