OTT streaming video solution for film distributors

OTT video streaming solution for film and entertainment

Start your own Netflix

Stream movies, series and shows to consumers and increase your revenue

When the corona crisis started and the cinemas had to close their doors, we wanted to offer our subscribers a number of films online. Thanks to AudiencePlayer and their fantastic team, we were able to get started in no time. We could never have done that otherwise!
Thomas Hosman - CEO Cineville
OTT video streaming platform solution on any device for film distributors

Stream to all popular platforms 

With the AudiencePlayer video platform software you can set up your own video platform in no time. Manage, publish and analyse your entire film archive on all popular platforms.

  • Responsive website
  • Native mobile apps
  • Google Chromecast
  • Smart TV apps
  • Set top box TV app
Upload films, artwork, subtitles and audio tracks with AudiencePlayer

Easily upload your films, artwork, subtitles and audio tracks

The AudiencePlayer content module is optimized for films and series. Our software supports the current standards from the film industry.

  • Upload your MP4 file and we automatically prepare 5 different resolutions. Our so-called "adaptive streaming server" ensures that consumers always watch high-quality video on every screen
  • Add multiple audio tracks to your movie file and let consumers select their preferred language via the video player
  • Upload your subtitle file (s) and check in our environment if the subtitles are in sync with your movie or series before you publish
  • Upload your artwork and publish movie posters with titles
OTT worldwide streaming platform solution for film distributors

Prevent piracy with DRM and geo restriction

DRM or video encryption are often required by major film studios. Video encryption adds an additional layer of security, which makes it more difficult for users to download your videos (pirating), for example via "stream-capturing".

AudiencePlayer implements 4 encryption schemes by default;

  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • Google Widevine
  • AES encryption
  • FairPlay encryption  

In our management environment you indicate in the geo-restriction fields in which countries consumers are allowed to watch your films. 

TVOD, SVOD, EST and Loyalty - Revenue models for film distributors

Create your own revenue model

With AudiencePlayer you can easily set up effective revenue models. We support the most popular payment models.

  • SVOD (subscription-based video on demand)
  • TVOD (transactional based video on demand)
  • EST (electronic sell through)
  • Rentals 
  • Credits
  • iDeal, creditcard, PayPal etc.
Nomadic watching on any device - Film distributors - OTT video platform solution

Continue watching on any device

When a user stops or pauses a movie, our technology remembers where he left off. This is regulated by our so-called "nomadic watching" feature. With this, every viewer can choose to continue watching from any device at any time. 

OTT video streaming platform solution - SEO features

Optimise your video platform for Google

Our technology is optimized for Google (SEO). All basic SEO requirements are processed in the software. We also prepare a standard connection with your own Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager account for you.

  • Keywords, titles, meta description, URL slug
  • WYSIFYG text editor (headings H1, H2 etc.)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
We have chosen AudiencePlayer to develop a streaming platform for the film collection of Eye Filmmuseum. They offer a flexible solution with a wide range of functionalities, so that we can offer our audience a pleasant user experience and let them enjoy the most beautiful films from our museum collection.
Irene Haan - Eye Filmmuseum 

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