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Learning at home from inspiring speakers, trainers or professionals is more popular than ever. In addition to physical events, consumers also want to be able to take online classes from their favorite coach. And preferably at a suitable time.

With AudiencePlayer you can easily create your own on-demand video streaming platform. We have prepared all the basic functions for you in a white label website template. And the cool thing is... We'll set this up for you for free. Then you can start managing the website with your videos and other content.

It is of course super useful if you can follow the videos on big screens. That is why we have also developed templates for mobile apps and TV apps.

Both the website and all apps are managed in the AudiencePlayer management environment. In this way you monitor your entire streaming business from 1 central point.

  • Responsive website
  • Native mobile apps
  • Google Chromecast & Apple AirPlay 
  • Smart TV Apps
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Revenue models that increase your profit

With AudiencePlayer you decide which revenue model you activate. In the management environment you can choose one revenue model or a combination of different models. Think of a combination of pay-per-masterclass and a subscription that gives you access to all videos.

The users of your platform can pay via the most well-known payment methods, such as iDeal, credit card, PayPal, etc.

The standard payment models that you can enable are:

  • Subscriptions
  • Pay-per-view
  • Pay-per-masterclass
  • Rentals
  • Credits
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Trigger users to (keep) learning

In the management environment you build your own video pages in the Article section. A video page should ultimately convince consumers to follow your masterclass. It is also of course the intention that users remain a member for as long as possible.

To ensure this, we have set up all kinds of different triggers and elements that you can manage in the Article section.

Examples of this are:

  • Ribbons (diagonal ribbon on a video thumbnail on which you can place texts such as "new" or "popular").
  • Trailer buttons
  • Recommendations (set manually or automated)
  • Background posters
  • Social media icons with which you share a video via social media
  • Meta data with unique content fields
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Promote with vouchers for more users

Vouchers are a great sales booster for your online video streaming business.

In the management environment you can create different types of promotions or discounts, such as gift vouchers, vouchers, discount vouchers, etc.

The Voucher section contains settings that allow you to set up your own campaign. For example 1 week free or 2 for the price of 1.

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With the right data you make smart business decisions

Measuring is knowing. The big advantage of selling videos online is that you can measure exactly what works and what doesn't. This allows you to achieve business goals faster and more efficiently.

We have developed a dashboard in which the most important data is collected. In addition, you can view data at a deeper level in the Statistics section.

Find out, for example, which masterclasses are popular or how long members remain a member on average.

  • Number of (paying) users
  • Number of videos published
  • Number of video viewed
  • Revenue per month
  • Viewing time per device or platform
  • Top 10 most viewed videos

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