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AudiencePlayer enables me to let people experience the benefits of yoga from their living room!

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Doing yoga and pilates exercises at home instead of in the studio is a great alternative these days. Practitioners want to be able to take online classes from their favorite teacher at home. And preferably at a time that suits them best.

With AudiencePlayer you can easily create your own on-demand video platform. We have prepared all the basic features for you in the website template. And the great thing is... we'll set this up for you for free. After that you can get started with filling the website with your lessons.

Of course it is very useful for members if they can also follow the lessons on large screens. We have therefore developed templates for mobile apps and (even) TV apps.

You manage both the website and all apps from the AudiencePlayer management environment. This allows you to monitor the entire streaming service from 1 central environment.

  • Responsive website
  • Native mobile apps
  • Google Chromecast & Apple AirPlay
  • Smart TV apps
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Revenue model of your choice

In the management environment you create different models in the Monetization section. You can choose one revenue model or a combination of different revenue models. Think of pay-per-view in combination with subscriptions.

Consumers can make a purchase with the most well-known payment methods (e.g. iDeal, credit card, Paypal, etc.)

The Voucher section contains features that allow you to set up different types of promotions or discounts. For example gift cards, vouchers, discount coupons etc.

The monetization models that you can activate by default are:

  • Subscriptions
  • Pay-per-view
  • Pay-per-course
  • Credits
  • Rentals
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Inspire visitors to get started with Yoga

In the management environment you can create your own pages with different lessons in the Article section. You can organize the lessons on the basis of categories and subcategories. Also it's possible to provide all kinds of extra information, such as the duration of a video, type of lesson, etc.

To ensure that users start with your yoga classes, we have built various triggers and elements. Examples of this are:

  • Ribbons (diagonal ribbon on a video thumbnail on which you can place texts such as "new" or "popular").
  • Push notifications
  • Text messages
  • Preview buttons
  • Recommendations (set manually or automated)
  • Social media icons with which you share lessons via social media (e.g. Facebook)
  • Metadata fields for additional information about the lesson
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Reach your target audience

We provide you with the tools so that your videos or landing pages are optimally found by the Google search engine. All basic SEO requirements are processed in AudiencePlayer.

We also make a standard link with your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager account. This allows you to view the results of an advertising campaign on Google in detail (SEA).

  • Keywords, titles, meta description, URL slug
  • WYSIFYG text editor (headings H1, H2 etc.)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
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Email funnels that connect you with users

With automatic e-mail funnels you inform users about new products and promotions, but you can also share knowledge. For example when you have put a new video live.

During the setup of your platform, we link your AudiencePlayer environment with a CRM system (customer relation management) of your choice.

The AudiencePlayer CRM integration supports the following online CRM platforms:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailblue

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