Start your own video platform with AudiencePlayer

Start a profitable video platform

  • Set up a video service like Netflix or MasterClass
  • Website builder with ready-made building blocks
  • Including mobile apps and smart TV apps
  • Effective monetization models for recurring revenue
  • GDPR compliance

Leading in effective video streaming platforms

Payments increase our customers' revenue every month
Hours of video watched on our servers in 2021

CEO Cineville

Super fast online!

When the corona crisis started and the cinemas had to close their doors, we wanted to offer our subscribers a number of films online. Thanks to AudiencePlayer and their fantastic team, we were able to get started in no time. We could never have done that otherwise!

Recurring income
Guaranteed revenue every month

Subscriptions - Pay-per-view - Pay-per-series - Rentals - Credits 
Increase revenue with your video service

Increase revenue

Sell your videos with monthly subscriptions, pay-per-view, rentals and credits

Video platform with analytics reporting tool

Deeper insights

View all kinds of statistics such as viewing behaviour, top videos, subscribers and more

Video platform any device

Any device

Our templates are optimised for all popular devices, screens and platforms
Marketing funnels video platform API MailChimp ActiveCampaign

Marketing funnels

Your video platform as a fully automatic marketing machine

Fast SSL hosting video website software

Fully unburdened

Including SSL, fast hosting and weekly updates 
Video streaming platform like Netflix

Fast online

Start today, online within 1 day, no technical knowledge required

Developed by video experts

The AudiencePlayer video platform software is developed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to monetize video.

Start your own Netflix or Masterclass in an accessible and affordable way.

AudiencePlayer makes it easy to set up a video streaming website and extend it to mobile apps and smart TV apps.

The first version of the video platform software was developed by Ammar Tijani and Doron Nethe in 2017. Since then, the AudiencePlayer has been continuously improved. Today, thousands of dollars per week are made by entrepreneurs using AudiencePlayer.

How to start a video platform

How do you start a successful online video service?

We are happy to tell you more about it.

Download the free whitepaper where we share the most important lessons from successful customers!

I can make my dream come true
The platform offers me a great opportunity to make my dream come true: allowing as many people as possible experience the benefits of yoga!

Mieneke Zijlmans founder SmartYoga
Mieneke Zijlmans - Smart Yoga
Flexible platform with many features
AudiencePlayer offers a flexible platform, so that we can offer our audience a great user experience and let them enjoy the most beautiful films from our museum collection.

Irene Haan Eye Filmmuseum
Irene Haan - Eye Filmmuseum

Now we can start our mission

By using AudiencePlayer we make LGBTQI+ films easily accessible to everyone, which leads to enhanced understanding, (self)acceptance and (self)love.

Josje Helmond - Ixy film platform AudiencePlayer
Josje Helmond - Ixy Film
I don't feel like a customer but a partner
What has touched me most is the commitment and passion that can be felt within the team. I don't feel like a customer, but experience it as our joint project. A dream team.

Janosh founder InnerSpace and Janosh Art
Janosh - Cosmic.Care
dashboard AudiencePlayer videoplatform

Easy-to-use content management environment

AudiencePlayer offers one central management environment (CMS) from which you control your entire video platform. Upload, publish and manage your videos at the touch of a button.

Without data, your company operates completely in the dark. We have therefore developed a dashboard in which the most important data is collected so that you can make better and more efficient decisions. At a glance you can immediately see how your streaming business is running.

Landing pages online video streaming website AudiencePlayer

Website builder with powerful building blocks

Visitors who become customers, that's what your video streaming website is all about. The smallest details can make the difference between profit and loss.

Based on our many years of experience with video streaming platforms and the feedback from customers and hundreds of consumers, we have created a website builder with building blocks that ensure maximum success.

OTT video apps with AudiencePlayer

Mobile apps to reach your audience anytime & anywhere

Of course you want to be in contact with your users as much as possible so that they can use your streaming service at any time of the day. A mobile app is a super tool for this. After all, everyone has their mobile phone with them almost all day.

In the management environment of AudiencePlayer, we have set up building blocks with which you can easily manage (native) mobile apps that we put in the Apple and Google Play app stores for you.

CineMember TV app AudiencePlayer

Smart TV apps to bring your videos to the big screen

Make an impact with your brand and reach your audience in the most central place in the house. Smart TV is the center of the connected home. Your videos are started with 1 hand movement from the couch.

We have developed a TV app template that gives your audience access to their favourite videos in no time. Our template is optimized for the most popular TV brands.

Alternative YouTube without Advertisements

Increase revenue with suitable  monetization models

To make more money with online video, it is important that you use an appropriate revenue model. Depending on your target audience and type of video content, this is different for everyone.

AudiencePlayer has all popular revenue models ready for you with which you can increase your online video revenue. For example subscriptions, pay-per-view, rentals and credits.

marketing funnels AudiencePlayer

Effective marketing techniques for more paying users

A basic rule of a successful video platform is that you need to know who is watching your videos. Who are your fans and make the effort to play your videos? This is not visible via established platforms (such as YouTube). While if you know who is watching, you can make use of it in your marketing and content strategy.

In the 'users' section of AudiencePlayer, all user data is kept with which you set up automated marketing funnels and increase your success.

WordPress video streaming plugin AudiencePlayer

WordPress plugin to embed all the benefits of AudiencePlayer in your WP website

More than 30% of all websites worldwide are built on WordPress. For customers who want to have their website fully customized or who already use WordPress, we have built a WordPress plugin that contains all the important functions of AudiencePlayer. Embed our video player and start streaming your videos.

CEO Fourmation Entertainment Fatih Kahyaoglu
Fatih Kahyaoglu - Fourmation Entertainment