Increase the conversion of your streaming video website: 2 tips!
22 januari 2020 

Increase the conversion of your streaming video website: 2 tips!

How do I increase the conversion of my video streaming website? We receive this question regularly. There are various tricks that you can apply to increase the conversion of your video streaming website. In this blog we give you a few tips. If you apply this, you will certainly start converting more.

Understand who is watching your videos

Before you start your video platform, it is smart to think carefully about who your target audience actually is. Try to place yourself in your target group. About how old are your users? Where do they come today? What drives them? What emotions do you provoke? Why would they want to watch your videos or make a purchase?

Ultimately, a visitor wants to have the idea that you understand him or her. What is their “steady” state at the moment? And what are their “target” emotions? Where do they ultimately want to go? And how are you going to help them with your video platform? Do you want to offer them a healthier lifestyle through, for example, Yoga videos? Or are they looking for something else?

Once you have created a profile of your target group, you can respond to this in your website texts. In particular you can positively influence the emotional side of your visitors. Why is this important? Because:

  • Emotion = action
  • Information = analysis

This means that your visitors only create an account or buy something from you if you can speak to their emotions. With this you immediately increase your conversion of your streaming video platform.

Increase conversion streaming video with 1 goal

We often come across it every day. Websites with all kinds of different call-to-action buttons so that you actually do not know where to click. Too many different call-to-action buttons lead to stress on your website visitors. And choice stress leads to the wrong choice being made or ultimately no choice being made at all.

Increase conversion of your streaming video website

Choice of stress due to too many call to action buttons

To prevent this, it is good to keep in mind that every page within your video platform has 1 main goal. When compiling the blue print (diagram of your website on paper before you start), try to think carefully about the main purpose of each page. For example, is the purpose of a page to make a purchase. Or do you want them to watch a video? Or do they have to create an account?

If you have this clearly in mind, then you also know exactly how to further design the page and which call-to-action button you should possibly place.