SEO tips: How do you improve your position in Google?
19 juni 2020 

SEO tips: How do you improve your position in Google?

SEO tips for your video platform – SEO (stands for search engine optimization) is often an important forgotten part during the setup phase of a video platform. We notice that many customers during the setup are mainly focused on the video content, marketing campaigns and the revenue model. Much attention is paid to the production and editing of the videos, which online marketing channels to use and research into different payment methods (eg subscriptions or pay-per-view).

But a few weeks after the launch, everyone will have the moment when you enter the name of your own video platform in Google. And it turns out … You are not in the top 10! To prevent this, we have collected a number of important SEO tips for you below from the list of 29 tips from the Internet Marketing Union (Dutch organisation) that you can easily apply yourself.

General SEO rule of thumb

An important rule of thumb that you can keep in mind: the earlier a keyword (SEO keywords field in AudiencePlayer) appears, the more important it is in the eyes of Google. It is therefore important that you place the keywords on which you want to score at the beginning of your texts as much as possible. Be careful that this is not at the expense of readability.

Where exactly do you add your keyword?

  • A keyword must be found in the title of your page (SEO title field in AudiencePlayer).
  • A keyword must be in the meta description of your page. Especially write this to convince someone (SEO description field in AudiencePlayer).
  • Make SEO friendly URLs in which your keyword will appear, preferably as short as possible (URL slug field in AudiencePlayer).
  • Put keywords in the header of your page (Heading 1 in the text editor of AudiencePlayer). Make only one header per page.
  • Put your keyword in the first sentence or paragraph of your page. But be careful not to get your keyword back all over the place. After all, it must remain legible.
  • Use keywords in further subheadings (Heading 2 and Heading 3 in the text editor of AudiencePlayer).
  • Make your keyword bold in the first sentence of your first paragraph (Bold in the text editor of AudiencePlayer).
SEO input fields in AudiencePlayer

SEO input fields in AudiencePlayer

What other SEO tips can you apply?

  • Enrich your text pages with all kinds of media (such as videos, pictures, icons and PDFs).
  • Make sure that filenames of videos, images and PDFs always have legible texts in which your keyword appears.
  • Use internal links. Google gives your website a higher rating if it is built as a kind of spider web where pages link to each other (just like with Wikipedia).
  • Use external links (only if they are interesting and valuable).
  • Register your XML sitemap with Google. Your sitemap is an extract of all your URLs in an index. You can register your sitemap with Google via Google Webmaster Tools. (Therefore, turn on your include sitemap button in AudiencePlayer for every page that you want to be scanned by Google)
  • Google also looks at the speed with which your website loads. Therefore, make sure that all pictures and other media files are added in the smallest possible size.
  • One way to increase the speed of your website to Google is to use pre-rendering. This is especially interesting for websites built with Javascript.

If you apply all these tips, your video platform will score much better in Google! Good luck with improving your position. And remember, you don’t make your video platform for Google but for your audience!