Best TV streaming devices: Google Chromecast vs Fire stick
07 juli 2021 

Best TV streaming devices: Google Chromecast vs Fire stick

By now, we are living in a world where nearly everything is connected, and we like to have options when it comes to streaming videos to our devices. Sure, our TVs are getting more high-tech as well, and they come with built-in apps, but hardly all of our favorites are available through these apps. 

Thankfully, there is a wide range of streaming devices available to help you out. Your TV might not support apps such as ESPN+, NFL Game Pass or Sling TV, but you still want to be able to watch it on the big screen, rather than your phone or tablet. This is why you need to get yourself a media streaming device. The best ones out there offer you the ability to watch an endless list of TV shows, movies and sports channels. 

The real question is, which one will deliver the best? Continue reading to see the big differences between Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire stick.

Google Chromecast

We all know and love Google, and this opinion doesn’t change when it comes to the Google Chromecast. This streaming device is designed to make the most of all the entertainment apps you already have available on your phone or tablet. The newest models add a remote and built-in Google TV, so you won’t even need your phone or tablet anymore in order to watch your favorite TV. 

Google TV is formerly known as Android TV and has become overall much better. The interface works amazingly well, it’s more searchable, and it has gotten a lot better at giving you the suggestions you actually want. Chromecast works well with Google Assistant, making it hardly a challenge to find the things you are looking for. 

Google is offering you options, making it a great streaming service. You can also just go for the casting-only model if you only care about streaming directly from your phone to your TV. All you need to do is plug in the device and start streaming videos or pictures. 

Amazon Fire TV stick

Google isn’t the only one offering great streaming opportunities, because Amazon’s Fire TV stick is just as amazing as the product offered by Google. The Fire Stick comes with all the essential apps and services, and all of it is in 4K! Like Chromecast’s Google Assistant, Fire Stick is supported by no other than the lovely Alexa. 

Compared to Google Chromecast with Google TV, it has a slightly less broad operating system, and focuses a little more on Amazon, rather than general suggestions. That said, the Amazon Fire stick also comes with a handy remote and supports multiple HDR formats. 

Interested yet in these streaming devices? Maybe you want to start your own video platform to stream on these. Read more about it on our website.