The power of email marketing
09 januari 2020 

The power of email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to reach your audience. You have set up your video platform. All videos are online on your website, you have written all content and your payment model is activated. While you may think you are ready, the real work starts now. How do you ensure that consumers are able to find your platform and actually want to use it? For us, email marketing is the number 1 way to get results. Perhaps it is good to first state that email marketing is not spam. Many people associate newsletters with spam. But if you set up the right strategy, your newsletters will never be associated with spam.

The big advantage of email marketing is that if, for example, you want to launch a new promotion or new product, you do not have to set up a whole new marketing campaign. You already have your contact list and you only have to send it a message. Email marketing is therefore much more powerful than, for example, social media campaigns. You can of course create a much greater reach via social media, but when it comes to effectiveness there is nothing that can beat email marketing at this time.

In email marketing it is not necessarily about having a mailing list, or the size of your mailing list. It is mainly about the value of your mailing list. Or as Tonny Loorbach of the Internet Marketing University says: The Money Is In The Relationship With Your List. If you are going to start using email marketing, this is important to keep in mind. Don’t just be commercial and don’t just send promotions or promotions to your contacts. But focus primarily on giving value.

What you ultimately need is that you have set up a system where as many people as possible enter their name and email address in your opt-in form. Then those people receive emails from you. This can be done manually but also automated with an autoresponder (for example with MailChimp or ActiveCampaign). Ultimately, if more people sign up, the power and effectiveness of your e-mail marketing will increase.