Start your own video platform, it gives you 2 important benefits
20 december 2019 

Start your own video platform, it gives you 2 important benefits

Start your own video platform instead of just posting your videos on social media such as YouTube. YouTube is of course a great platform to reach millions of viewers. But starting your own video platform gives you 2 very important benefits that you don’t have with YouTube. This does not mean that you should stop using YouTube for example. You can use this type of popular video platforms in a fantastic way as a marketing channel for your own video platform. You send your hard fans to your own premium channel via your social channels.

Your own video platform gives you complete control over your revenue model. YouTube pays an average of 1 dollar for every 1000 views. But if you start your own video platform, you can opt for a revenue model based on subscriptions, one-off payments or advertisements. You determine the amount yourself. Imagine that 2 percent of your YouTube subscribers are willing to pay for your videos. What would this mean for your sales? In almost all cases, this would immediately increase your sales.

Start your own video platform with AudiencePlayer

A video platform with paying users delivers more revenue than YouTube with advertisement

Starting your own video platform gives you deeper insights into your target audience. For example, when consumers create an account on your video platform, you get information such as email addresses, gender, age, cell phone numbers, etc. With this information you can then communicate with your fans in a personal way (emails, newsletters, push messages). Email marketing is a very powerful way to build a relationship with your fans. With social media platforms, such as YouTube, this is not possible because you cannot see exactly who your viewers are.

Are you considering starting with a video platform or would you like to know more about it, please feel free to contact us. We would like to meet you and think along with you.