Smart TV apps: The center of the connected home
11 september 2020 

Smart TV apps: The center of the connected home

Smart TV apps are hugely popular. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated video consumption at home to levels never seen before. According to Comscore, there is a gradual shift towards streaming through smart TVs. Technological advancements and skyrocketing usage keep the smart TV at the center of the connected home and consumer viewing.

Previously, consumers could only consume specific media through television, but now the choices are multiple. Smart TVs now come with enhanced features and consumers can use more information from the comfort of their home. Marketers who thought mobile-first a few years ago, have begun to realize the need for a connected TV strategy where Smart TVs quickly gain traction and dominate consumer mindspace.

The change of the TV home screen 

A major advancement for smart TVs has been the development of managed app stores where you can find a large number of apps. These stores and marketplaces provide a structured environment to support management throughout the app lifecycle, from submission to launch to software updates. Individual apps are better promoted and accessible. The smart TV home screen has now become a prominent place to launch apps, with premium positions. The push of apps to the foreground through app stores and the home screen has accelerated the design and development and discovery of content across the smart TV ecosystem.

The biggest smart TV brands

Several players dominate the smart TV industry. Keep in mind that with some brands, such as Samsung, you have to pay a percentage of the sales. The height of the percentages can differ per brand. The most common platforms where you can add a smart TV app, are platforms such as:

  • Samsung Tizen
  • LG
  • Smart Alliance
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire

Smart TV app experience

The most important differences between a smart TV app and apps for other devices, like mobile phones or tablets, is the use of the remote control and the big sized screen.

Smart TV with remote control


Just like with mobile apps, your smart TV app must meet various conditions. Terms vary by brand, but in general it’s important that a smart TV app is simple and easy to use. Points of attention are:

  • Avoid complex navigation
  • Make sure all content is accessible using the cross navigation and the “ok” button on the remote control
  • Keep it simple and clear for the user
  • All texts must be readable
  • Don’t use too much text, reading a lot of text on a TV screen isn’t user friendly
  • If a user needs to create an account, refer to your website because typing with a remote control is not user-friendly
  • Use high contrast and we don’t recommend the use of a white background

We can tell you a lot more about smart TV apps! So if you are considering starting up a video platform with smart TV apps or if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.