Alternative to YouTube without advertisement
17 januari 2020 

Alternative to YouTube without advertisement

An alternative to YouTube without advertising is your own video platform. With your own video platform you decide for yourself whether or not to display advertisements between your videos. But you can also opt for a revenue model based on subscriptions or one-off payments. YouTube is a popular video platform on which you can reach a large group of viewers. But if you only use YouTube, you are bound by the conditions of this platform. These conditions are not all in the interest of the average producer and viewer.

Watching ads is mandatory for viewers

One of the conditions of YouTube is that they may place advertisements between your videos. At the end of 2018, Google (the parent company of YouTube) activated new advertising options worldwide. With these settings, viewers nowadays see more often advertisements that they cannot skip. This is also called the “non skippable” option. YouTube introduces this feature because producers can earn more money with it. Because advertisers like to pay more money if they know for sure that their advertisement will be shown completely.

Only a small group of YouTubers earns more money

This commercial development is especially interesting for the tip of the YouTube iceberg. After all, if you already have a popular channel with millions of views per video, the extra ads will make you earn much more money. But for the vast majority of YouTubers it is questionable whether this condition actually contributes to a higher turnover. Compulsory viewing of long advertisements can cause irritation for viewers, so that they no longer watch your video.

Advantage of alternative to YouTube

If you want to start a professional video business then it is smart to use YouTube as a marketing channel. You can then, for example, post shorter appealing videos on your YouTube channel. In addition, you place extra unique or longer video content on your own video platform. With this setup you offer your viewers who do not want to see ads an alternative to YouTube. An additional advantage is that you can also earn much more money. Consider that 5 percent of your YouTube subscribers would like to pay for your videos. Would this not increase your turnover enormously?