Making Money With Video: 3 Ways That Work
08 maart 2021 

Making Money With Video: 3 Ways That Work

Make money with video. Is that possible? The way in which people consume information is constantly changing. Since the rise of the Internet, the absorption of information has become shorter. Knowledge transfer via video is therefore popular!

And, where the public goes, so do the money flows. This means that, with the right strategy, you can make money with video. Basically all you need is a plan, a camera and one of these strategies below!

Via a Youtube channel

When you think of “making money with video”, YouTube is probably one of the first things that come to mind. The platform has a billion users per day and this is only increasing. As we mentioned before, where the public goes there is money to be made.

Making money on YouTube isn’t always easy. Your channel must first grow, only then can you earn money. You earn money by putting YouTube ads on your successful videos. You do this with a Google AdSense account. Keep in mind: YouTube requires 45% of all your income from your AdSense Account. That’s the downside of making videos on a gigantic platform.

Make money with video via a stock photo site

An unknown method, but no less fun: sell video content to a stock photo site! People all over the world are always looking for new video content that they can use copyright-free. Are you a bit handy with a camera and lighting? Then you can also create videos that users can buy from a stockphoto site. You receive a portion of all revenues, depending on the website and their revenue model.

You might soon see your face in a Times Square commercial.

Your own video platform

Do you have a product or service that you want to sell? And can you offer this in video form? Then consider setting up your own video platform. Own video platforms are ideal for people who, for example:

  • Sell ​​yoga / workout videos online
  • Sell ​​online courses, training, etc.
  • Sell ​​films, series, documentaries.
  • etcetera.

Make money with video

And before you think: why is YouTube not suitable for this? As we briefly mentioned, the only people who can make money with YouTube are accounts with a large channel. In addition, you transfer 45% of your revenue to YouTube itself.

With your own video platform:

  • You can easily determine your own strategy
  • Your platform, your content
  • You can set your own monetization model: all revenue is yours

Setting up your own video platform doesn’t have to be that difficult. We at AudiencePlayer offer cool templates with which you can set up your own professional website in no time. Read here how you can do this!