Live streaming fitness - a clear overview
07 juli 2021 

Live streaming fitness - a clear overview

The everlasting pandemic has had a huge impact on most things in our daily lives, and nearly everything has felt the effects of this. There are certain negative consequences that we can easily identify, such as the economic crisis. There are, however, certain things that suffered most, unseen by most eyes. Obviously, we are speaking of our minds and bodies in this case.

The combination of too much stress and little physical exercise resulted in people ending up with bad health and being in bad shape. Gyms have barely been open and when people are at home they tend to do little when it comes to exercise. What this means is that this is basically the best possible time to start live streaming fitness. This way, activity is being brought back to the lives of many and alongside this, motivation returns. 

In this blog, you read all about how to start an above-mentioned live streaming fitness blog

Livestreaming vs. pre-recorded video’s

In fitness, it’s all about discipline and motivation. These are the two main factors to keep in mind when you’re starting with a work-out. And yeah, starting with fitness is easy, but the challenge lies in keeping up with the routine. This is part of the reason why people often decide to work out with other people, so that they can motivate each other. The same goes for online fitness. By choosing for livestreaming, you get to motivate your audience to keep going and not give up. This is currently the best alternative to face-to-face workouts. Thankfully, we don’t live in a time anymore where you’d have to purchase aerobics VCR’s in order to get some physical activity going.

Pros and Cons of livestreaming


  • Live workout: gives your lessons that needed feeling of authenticity
  • No need to edit anything
  • Easily plan your lessons for your audience
  • Live interaction between the instructor and the viewers
  • Working out in the comfort of your own home


  • If you make any mistakes, it’s seen directly by anyone watching
  • There is a chance that there’s going to be technical issues
  • Planning is key. Without planning, you won’t be able to succeed.

Streaming platform and planning

If you made the decision to online stream your fitness lessons, then make sure that you’ve planned it out beforehand. Pre-recorded videos give you the opportunity to re-do a shot multiple times if you mess up, but you don’t have that luxury during those live streams.

The next important step is to choose the right streaming platform for you. Of course, you could choose big household names like YouTube and Vimeo, but often times they won’t offer the things that you need. If you want to link a certain payment method, then you will quickly notice that not all platforms offer this. 

In this case, it might be a smart move to use a software such as AudiencePlayer. With this, you will quickly set up your own video platform and can start your livestreams the same day! 

Start your streaming business!

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do to make your streaming business a success, it’s time to set up your platform.

Are you curious how AudiencePlayer can help you with this? For example, take a look at how one of our customers got started with AudiencePlayer.

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