How to sell video courses online?
31 maart 2021 

How to sell video courses online?

How to sell video courses online? The bullet is through the church: you are going to sell video courses online. You have a skill, and you want to teach this skill to paying customers. Not illogical, the e-learning market is growing explosively. More and more people are discovering the opportunity to learn online, so more and more people are offering online training video content.

Smart, because that way you can earn an almost passive income. It is important that you approach it smartly. How are you doing this?

Step 1: Put your expertise and passion in an online training.

The biggest predictor of success is the quality of your training / video content. Think for yourself: what do I know a lot about, what can I explain well and what do people need?

You can also design an offline training into an online training. Yoga, meditation, sports or educational training, for example, can be very well designed in an online training video.

Step 2: Determine your target audience

Who is your target audience? Who are you going to offer your video content to? Find out in your environment whether there is a need for what you have to offer. Determine your target group before you start recording your training, then you know who to address!

Step 3: Edit your video

A video should look away easily. This means that you have to edit your video, otherwise your customers will watch one long (boring) video. If you are not so experienced yet, just use entry-level video editing software. Think of ActivePresenter or iMovie.

Step 4: Find a video platform

How to sell video courses online

You have now made good instructional videos, but where do you upload them? YouTube and Vimeo don’t always have the ideal payment models for training videos. With a TVOD, SVOD, rentals or credits method, you can easily let customers pay for your video content once or on a monthly basis.

You can build a platform for this yourself, but it is easier to use a platform such as AudiencePlayer. With this you can very easily set up your own video service, with built-in payment methods.

Step 5: Sell your video courses online!

Is your course or training online? Then you can start selling! Create beautiful Facebook ads, offer your new platform to an existing customer base or write a nice email campaign to reach your target group. The big advantage of online video training is that once you have built a customer base, your income is almost passively generated. After all, you only have to record the videos once!

Curious about the possibilities of AudiencePlayer? We are happy to help you sell your video content. Here you can already see how you can design your own video website!